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If you’re facing Home Repossession / Eviction, or find yourself in High Mortgage Arrears … we are here to help, it’s never to late, even if you are due in court the same morning or served an Eviction Order and the bailiffs are at the door, we can stop it in most cases. We can Stop Repossession by making a genuine cash offer instantly within 1 hr. We do all the work and speak to your lender.

Your Benefits from Using Repossession SOS:

  • Stay longer in your home, 4/6 weeks more.
  • Your Home Repossession stopped fast.
  • 100% Confidential.
  • Release Equity in your house.
  • Your Mortgage 100% paid off.
  • Clear your debts..
  • Genuine and realistic cash-offer.
  • Bad credit history prevented.
  • We pay all your fees.
  • Get 100% FREE help and Advice.

We can stop the repossession process, pay off your mortgage, clear your debts, release any equity by giving you an instant cash offer for your house.

So don’t let your bank/lender take away your property and auction it for a lot less, not only do you loose your house and end up being evicted causing you stress you could also still end up in arrears with your lender if they don’t recoup enough money from the sale. Being Repossessed can also negatively impact your credit rating, affecting future borrowing capabilities in the future, meaning you may never qualify for a mortgage or loan again and could even find it hard to rent a property. If there is a shortfall after your lender has sold then you are held liable. Repossession and Eviction is always the last resort but if you are facing this problem we can take you out of it cleanly, fast and stress free.

We will do all the work and cover all legal fees. Our speciality is Repossession Law and we have a dedicated legal team of solicitors to help, free of charge, right to the end of the process.

We can stop any Repossession Order/Eviction. Allowing you to get your life back on track ASAP! We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our stats show we help over 95% of all distressed homeowners that come through Repossession Sos.

To get started, fill out our Stop Repossession form on the right and get an instant decision. Read just a few of our testimonials.