Do you charge any fees?

No. Our services are 100% free. Unlike traditional estate agents we don’t charge you any fees and even pay for your home valuation if needed.

What service are Repossession SOS offering?

The service that we are selling is the simplest solution for anyone facing repossession or high debt arrears. Once you have filled out the form on the right you will receive a confirmation letting you know if your house is something we can make an offer on. We will then contact you to discuss your options and how to proceed.

What stage should I contact Repossession SOS?

Please contact us at as soon as possible. Do not leave this too late, you are under no obligation to use our service once you fill in the application form. If you have left it too late we will endeavour to persuade the lender to let us intervene, however there is no guarantee that we will get a positive outcome if this is all left to the very last minute. However we can Stop Repossession in 2 Hours in most cases and purchase your property in 24 Hours, releasing cash to pay of your lenders debt.

What happens once i fill in the form

Once you fill in your details we assess your circumstances, in most cases this take us only a few minutes providing you have given us the correct details, you can expect a call within 5 to 10 minutes of filling out the form.

Am I bound by any agreements once I fill out the application form?

When you fill the application form you are not bound to any agreements. We will arrange an appointment with yourselves and then discuss the requirements and what we can offer. At this point you still are not bound by an agreements and if you are not happy you free to walk away.

Will you really buy my house?

Yes, we are cash buyers and have the funds. If you meet our criteria and most importantly we can help we will see you through until the very end of the process

Will Repossession SOS allow me to stay in my own property after the sale?

We do not operate a SELL AND RENT BACK scheme. Therefore once you have sold your home to us we will expect you to move out, however we will agree time for you to make other living arrangments.

Will I need a home valuation?

We will not be marketing your property on the open market so a home report is no required. However, as we want our buyers to make an informed decision on your property we feel it is prudent to offer as much information as possible to ensure about your debts so everything goes smoothly. Therefore we will organise a home report to be done on your property and we will also pay for it. It won’t cost you a penny!

Will I need to leave my house straight away?

No, depending on your situation we can allow up to <strong>4/6 weeks</strong> to find other living arrangements.

I am being repossessed tomorrow can you help

Yes, we can help and stop the repossession in 1 hour in most cases