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Repossession Law

In today’s troubled economic climate the loans made by lenders generally come with some kind of security. A charge over your property allows your lender to recoup any amounts outstanding to them should you become in arrears and default on your mortgage..

There is a Repossession Law specially made to protect the mortgagor before or after any agreements are made. See:

Firstly your lender should/will contact you to discuss your finances and to see if there is any way they can help, we would advise you should always try and pay something and come to some arrangement with your lender.

If your lender states that they wish to repossess due to missed payments or mortgage arrears, you may still be able to postpone the repossession under the Administration of Justice Act 1970, section 36, but you would have to show the court you can make and keep future payments up.

If your lender repossessses your home they generally do anything they can to recover most of the debt, this includes auctioning your house for far less than its worth, if they don’t get enough for your house are still liable for the diffrence. When its in the lenders hands you no longer have control – don’t let it get this far, turn the tables and sell your house fast not giving your lender chance.

How we can help? Read Repossession answer

We know repossession is a very stressful time for a family or anyone for that matter and when it comes to Repossession Law it is a very complex matter. What we like to do at Repossession SOS is give people facing this problem a easy alternative to just dealing with the lender and being dragged through the courts. If you are looking for a fast sale of your house before your lender pursues repossession then we are the best choice. We pay the best prices for property and can move fast, normally within 2 hours, we can give a instant decision over the phone in most cases.


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